Leadership Styles Of Coca Cola

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Communication within Coca Cola:
Formal Communication:
A proper systematic flow of information follows at all levels

Top - Downward Communication:
• In Coca Cola, the flow of information is downward.
• Top management makes the decisions.
• All the necessary information is passes through the head of department to the group members.

Groups and Teams in Coca Cola
Each department at Coca-Cola has its own team. Routine discussion between the CEO and the head of the services are to set targets and goals. Each department head is responsible for its team members and their collective goals. Head of the department focuses on the performance of each staff member to help if they have any weaknesses.
Motivational Techniques Used to Increase Productivity
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Administrators impose strict and systematic discipline on staff. Managers are empowered by the office maintains its position means power. However, they also have an open door policy for their employees; if for any problems that come ask for help from their manager. So we have two styles of management employees.
Basic Controlling Authorities in Coca Cola
GM and HOD`S have great body control. They make important decisions and the objectives. Managers HOD`S so each department of labor inspection department and subject to the GM. There is good control and balance in each region due to the strong competition can`t afford any residue client.
Control Approaches Used by Coca Cola
• Training
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 There should be more of a feedback session to improve employee performance.
Coca Cola employee retention strategies are the complete logistics of the retail industry. That's why Coca Cola to meet the mission and keep the industry leader. However, from our point of view, even if the retention strategies of Coca-Cola employees were more advanced than other competitors, they are not well organized, and proved that the employees remaining systems were complicated and not very strong.
Top Talent "clear -. First, management should define the term generally the main talent is the ability of a person to respond quickly to new circumstances, and generate revenue or are willing to take risks in. Furthermore, a term that indicates the location of the person is difficult to be replaced by others, and has a high potential and unique techniques and skills to deal with problems in his department. Coca-Cola, strategies employee retention are used in the group of key skills is effective for the retention of key talent can save on the costs of the
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