Leadership Styles Of Kurt Lewin: Autocratic And Democratic Leadership

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This study focuses exclusively on how two of the classic leadership styles proposed by Kurt Lewin - Autocratic and Democratic leadership styles influence the effectiveness in multigenerational teams making it more specific.The laissez faire leadership style was not taken into account as this type of leadership suggests that there is no involvement or relatively very less involvement of the leader and that it is most appropriate when the team is filled with highly skilled professionals( Lewin, K 1939). As this study looks at team with employees of different generations, teams with just highly skilled professionals would not be a possibility. Glass (2007) noted that one outstanding challenge in today 's corporate organization is the management of a workforce that has notable variations in perspective and goals due to generational differences. Hence this study takes pragmatic approach and aims to propose possible strategies that be adopted by the company where the research is being conducted. These strategies are not necessarily strictly applicable to Atradius collections but also to other organisations that have increasing multigenerational teams.
1.5 Scope of Research
The utilization of team work has been portrayed as vital to organisational change and renaissance (Goodman, Ravlin, and Schminke, 1987; Sundstrom, De Meuse, and Futrell, 1990)The major challenge with any older or younger generation teams is adapting to change and altering the perspective about generational

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