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To address learning across Effective Leadership and Management and Team Effectiveness.
The objective of this assignment is to unpack the key differences between leadership and management. While doing that, I will also be deliberating on my own environment as well as personal leadership with a particular focus on specifically where I can develop further to enhance an even stronger and effective team that will achieve high performance results.
In any organisation, the aim of good management is to provide a service in an appropriate, efficient, unbiased and sustainable manner. This can only be achieved when key resources i.e. human resources, finances and processes are brought together at the point of service delivery and are carefully synchronized.
Furthermore, in this assignment I would like to provide a mix of theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience personally gained or observed within the transport industry as well as within my organisation. Additionally leadership versus management will be defined and analysed providing a detailed leader profile.

The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people follow them while managers have people who work for them. Successful organisations require
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I have however observed within the transport industry as well as within my organization that not all managers are leaders. We’ve recently promoted engineers who demonstrated a good work ethic and who were good at doing what they were doing as engineers. Two of them have come forth requiring assistance particularly with leadership, they sight that they relied heavily on receiving instructions and are now not confident to lead the teams they have been entrusted to manage and

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