Leadership Theory Of Stress

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Transformational leadership style with idea indicator, the influence of leader behavior, intellectual stimulation and a consideration of individual has a positive influence towards motivation. This leadership style has positive influence toward job satisfaction. (Risambessyet) job satisfaction has been studied in parallel with many aspects of work and in many work places and fields around the world, the employees has experienced job satisfaction as an outcome of leadership styles. In general, research results suggested that in organizations which are more flexible and adopted the management type in communication and employees reward the latter more likely to be satisfied which results in the organization’s success.(Jill, McKinnon et al. 2003)…show more content…
According to this theory, stress may have positive or negative implications on the member in an organization.it depends on how the demands which evoke stress affect the personal growth development and to perform well. Demands may be sometime harmful or they can be appraised as challenge or opportunity. (Lazarus and Folkman 1984) This theory reconcile some positive and negative potentials.
We can define stress as a process set into motion whenever demands in the society or environment increases beyond individual’s resources. The demands are then consider as irrelevant or as an opportunity for personal growth, development and well- being.
The response to appraisal can be determined by a judgment whether an action can be taken or not to improve the stress situation by various mechanisms. a stressor framework was developed which determine different stressor relationship with different outcomes. In this framework, challenge stressors refer to
Job demands that present the potential for personal growth and rewards. Sometimes job demands that do not present the potential for personal growth and rewards and may actually affect growth or gains.(Crawford, LePine et al. 2010).
The overall function of an organization or institution consists of many dimensions that influence the processes of recruitment and management, as well as the relationships among
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If the leader give attention and intellectual stimulation to the employee,this definitely increases the perceived organizational support. So long as the organizational support increases, employee’s psychological capital improve and on the other hand performance perception decreases. Employees who feel that they are being support by the organization have a less tendency to report performance than that of their collegues. This situation can be evaluated as the reduction of cost perception in the Social Exchange Theory with regards to the employees and employees increasing their interactions and psychological benefits by the way of work commitment. Since the transformational leader approach has come out as a precursor of organizational support, whether or not the manager approaches are effective an how effective on the psychological capital have not been determined. In future studies, the contribution of supervisor support on the psychological capital and individual performance, as a result of interaction with other variables could be

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