Summary: The Contingency Theory Of Leadership

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focus is providing a clear framework which the goals of an organization can be achieved. They are usually preoccupied with many ideas. This makes them not to focus on the people. According to fielder, intellectual ability in relation to this theory helps the leaders to have problem solving skills. The skills will help the leader to be more capable of handling situations the way they display themselves, (Jeong & Fadzlina, 2012).
The theory is also popularly used because gives the leader the capacity to develop a high self-esteem and self-confidence. When a leader has developed these skills, the leader is therefore capable of influencing others while trying to handle different situations in different times. In addition, self-confidence gives
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Determination means that the desire that a leader has in ensuring that a situation is handled properly. Deamination is an important attribute that characterizes a leader. A leader who is determined is very much proactive and is willing to do a lot of things to ensure that they achieve their set objectives in the required time. A highly determined leader according to the contingency theory is very much willing to persevere in handling a situation until he or she ensures that the situation is handled properly. According to this theory the leader is very effective meaning that he is able to show that he or she is the dominant factor in handling various situations. This type of leader never gives up on anything that he or she does within an organization (Fiedler,…show more content…
The theory helps in developing a leader who is extraversion. According to this personality, a contingent leader should have the tendency of being assertive. Assertiveness means that a leader is very much alert while handling various situations that affects them. A leader who has the personality of being extroversive also has a positive energy. Having a positive energy implies that the leader feels that even when a situation arises, he or she can find a way to find a solution to the problem. This type of leader is willing to go through extra miles to ensure that he or she achieves the goals of the organization. in addition, according to the contingency theory, an extroversive leader is usually relationship oriented and in most cases this leader finds ways of ensuring that he is sociable to people at all times, (House,

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