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‘Traits are the distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader, such as intelligence, honesty, self – confidence, and appearance’ (Ghee & Daft 2004, p. 45). ‘Traits theory basically states that leaders are born’ (Shead 2007). On contrary to leadership as an inborn trait, behavioral theory believes that managers’ leadership potential can be trained.

Leaders deal with rapid changes environmental concerns, transforming the values, beliefs and attitudes of the followers. The ideal leader must be ethical, flexible, proactive, analytical, strategic, culturally competitive and adept at competitive positioning.

Many studies searched for a limited set of traits, which would make someone be viewed as successful leader. According to Cohn &
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Integrity keep everything secure and leads to higher productivity. Also, it is not possible to lead others without empathy, without knowing the emotions and needs of followers. Without being able to "put yourself in the other person 's shoes". Empathy companied with integrity drives trust. Emotional intelligence is about self-awareness. It is a critical trait for leaders to master. Vision is required by the leader. It gives direction and inspiration to the followers toward future goals. But leadership requires and good judgment, especially in evaluating difficult situations and focusing on what it is important for the team. A person who leads will be on the forefront of issues, will have to face critisicsm, attacks, setbacks ets. It needs courages for someone to lead. Finally, all leaders needs passion, a quality that boosts morale, promotes synergy and can drive organizations in expansion of through difficult…show more content…
The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic industries. In order for restaurant to compete in todays competitive environment the restaurant management personnel must work toward attraction recruiting, developing and retain an efficient and capable workfare. Managers are critical to the success of the operation. Hiring the right fast-food manager can be a difficult and challenging task. This person will make sure that all the operations in the fast food run smoothly, meaning the duties range can vary from equipment delivery to hospitality. ). To achieve this advantage, businesses require effective recruiting and selection procedures. Effective selection is based on maximizing person-job fit. An effective hiring process can help individual restaurant teams navigate through the recruitment process and select the right person for the job who will become a member of their diverse

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