Importance Of Leadership Competencies

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Leadership Competencies vs. qualities? What’s more important? Answer: According to my point of view, both leadership competencies and leadership qualities are equally important for successful leadership. Basically leadership competencies are leadership skills and practices that add to unrivaled execution. By utilizing a competency-based approach to leadership, organizations can better recognize and build up their up and coming age of leaders. There are distinctive sorts of leadership competencies which are basic to all firms, for example, lucidity of obligations as leader, effective delegation, respect for associates and subordinate, clear vision, mindfulness and so forth. An emphasis on leadership competencies and skill advancement advances…show more content…
Critical thinking and self reflection was two selected leadership skills. The selected leadership tasks were including organizing and setting the vision and goals. In leadership shield 2, my father becomes my role model for leadership. The selected leadership skills for shield 2 include strong communication skills and good confidence level. This difference in shield 1 and shield 2 has because of certain reasons. First is that my father just passed away in previous days. This incident affects me a lot. It is true fact that we think a lot about persons or things when we lost them. Same happens to me. After his death, I missed him a lot and feel a big gap in my life. This let me to consider and memorized all of his personality traits. I become realized that he was very strong person. He was having good communication skills. He never feel confuse whenever talking to an individual or a huge crowd. His was always full of confidence regarding all matters. He was a good motivator and was having the skills to motivate all persons around him regarding the achievement of specified tasks. Good motivator, good communication skills, and high level of confidence are characteristics of a good leader so that is why I have selected my father as a role model for my leadership shield 2. Furthermore my mother is also a good leader because she has abilities to handle all matters in a well organized way. She always had played a great role in organizing the life of all family members. But the difference in leadership skills and tasks is because of gender difference. Men and women have different leadership roles and characteristics in a family like mother or father. That is why there is difference in leadership skills and tasks in my leadership shield 1 and leadership shied

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