Leadership: Weaknesses And Strengths Of Leadership

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The past experience in leadership tells me that there is no short cut or formula to take you to a top leadership position, but there exist a scope for some principles in leadership that everyone requires to learn if they want to assume leadership positions in the organizations. People who become leaders observe their peers for small successes and copy their styles in their own leadership styles. These people locate mentors who have been in those positions earlier and participate in leadership development programs and go through literature which tell them more on the subject of leadership. Another very important weakness that I found in the leadership experience in the past has been that I have been spending more time in the business rather than on business. I need to have measured these activities…show more content…
A weakness in my leadership style was not taking support from experienced persons. A strength of past experience was that I acted like a leader and tried helping others succeed in their activities and by doing so I was able to build strategic alliances in the process. Another strength of my leadership experience was in not asking for perfection from myself. Rather than asking for perfection, I tried to celebrate small time successes and also sometimes failures that provided lot of information and insights about adopting news of leading the organization. Another strength of my leadership experience was recognizing leadership qualities in other team members that helped me in supplementing my own capabilities. Thus by walking into the shoes of other leaders around me, I was able to redefine and capitalize my own leadership qualities. A weakness of my past leadership experience was tolerant mediocrity around my team thus leading to demotivation in the

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