The Leading Cause Of Family Expectations In My Family

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Family expectations: these are pressures exerted on children by parents in order for them to live the way parents want them to. As we all know, pressure makes diamonds, however, it is also the leading cause of teenage stress. Leading cause of my stress. Expectations are the constant hunger and thirst for children to be the best they can, usually imposed by the society and later plagiarized by parents. They may seem harmless at first but in the scenario of mine and many other families, expectations are a way of torturing young souls and minds. A way for parents to channel their ‘short-lived’ lives and desired outcomes through the young and naïve. Have you ever been impeded by expectations? Especially by your family? Well, I have… in fact, the simple phrase, “Family Expectations” sums up my traumatic and miserable life.…show more content…
I managed to wake up early and got ready for the reckless ride of stress and pressure that waited for me. The tension aroused not only because of the nervousness of my result but because of the burden, pressure, and impediments imposed by the expectations laid upon my bare shoulders. What made the situation worse was having a cousin who had topped in his GCSEs, raising the expectation barrier as high as the heavens. Unfortunately, this meant if my results weren’t similar (or even better) than that of my cousins; a dreadful dilemma would have aroused. Well, things were unfavourable as, when I just passed and being very closely acquainted with my cousin and the unbearable restraint of the expectations, made things
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