The Role Of Anthropogenic Activities In Climate Change

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Prior to the industrial revolution, non-anthropogenic variables were leading roles in climate change but has quickly changed as anthropogenic activities play the leading role in climate change today. Although climate has been changing for decades it has been a recent change in causes that allows climate change to worsen as time goes by. Climate is the average that stands consistent for a long time in an area of precipitation, temperature, atmospheric circulation and atmospheric chemistry. Climate can be affected and changed by man forced and unforced factors. These include volcanic forcing, solar forcing, solar variability and the industrial chemicals. The cause of our current climate change issue is from human beings. Anthropogenic variables is the leading role of climate change today.Climate change currently is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in earths atmosphere. The increase of greenhouse gases is driven by man made forces. In the industrial revolution the amount of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide increased. Man made structures like cars produced carbon. When all these gases get caught in the atmosphere the sun providing energy and transferring it through the atmosphere would mean that…show more content…
Climate change has been occurring over the decades but it is just getting worse and more greenhouse gases are getting trapped in the atmosphere and trapping heat energy from the sun along with it. If humans are so small and can create a mess so big we can clean it up too because it is evident that humans have caused an increase in chemicals and pollution that has altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere which ultimately causes the climate change we see
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