Leading Teams Research Paper

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Independent teams are vital to the success of any organization; however, there are certain attributes necessary to ensure that team reaches success. As described in the article “Leading Teams” reprinted from Harvard business school, there are steps to create a more successful team at various levels within an organization. Various Levels Certain factors to consider when leading various levels of an organization that help to concentrate a team’s efforts and abilities include setting up conditions before launching. “Include a task that is appropriate for a team.” (Polzer, 2003, p.1) A leader must calculate the actual job at hand, seeking out if the task requires a well-coordinated team or a loosely fitted group of people. Also, a team must…show more content…
All aspects of management are important but before this one has to understand where it starts. On an executive level, many factors need to be considered. For instance, the environment needs to be right. In other words, “teams are apt to achieve much greater success if they operate in a generous environment; therefore, many types of support and resources that a team needs from its surrounding environment to enhance its chances of success (Polzer, 2003, p 5).” Other factors include determining team size, skills needed, diversity, and what other levels of management will be needed to oversee these teams. All of these factors will need to be considered at executive level in order to be successful at any organization. Cost is another important factor. How will the teams be motivated and rewarded. It’s vital that all aspects be analyzed for teams to collaborate and achieve…show more content…
Once a team is designed and launched, it is critical to periodically assess team member’s work processes and interaction patterns in light of their progress toward achieving their goals. Team members should use task analysis to guide the allocation of work components. (Polzer, 2003, p.3) A leader “must assess what should happen during the team’s launch, and then proceed to the teams’ on going work processes, and advice about how to improve dysfunctional processes.”(Wageman, R. 2001). Critical events early in the group’s life serve as precedents that guide expectations for how to handle situations in the future. In most cases it is useful for the team to explicitly discuss what members must do and what they must never do. (Swann,W. Jr.,
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