Leading With Soul Reflection

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Leading with Soul is both an inspiring book and a guide for becoming a better leader. The book alternates between telling the story of a leader who is striving to find meaning in his work, and regular interludes, which include summaries, reflective questions, and information regarding various spiritual philosophies. I was exposed to dimensions of leadership I had never previously considered. This paper will reflect upon how Leading with Soul helped me understand the spiritual nature of leadership, identify strategies for nurturing the spiritual side of my own leadership, expand my capacity for assisting others during challenging times, and increase my compassion while working with difficult others. Prior to reading Leading with Soul, I had never considered a spiritual side of leadership. I always believed that a person was born with leadership skills. I never had to work at being a leader; for me it is a drive that occurred instinctively. As a result of being a natural born leader, I have never taken the time to reflect upon my own leadership practice or the effect it has on others. Leading with Soul revealed that the impact of leadership extends beyond an objective. In the past, I considered my leadership roles to…show more content…
“Soul is personal and unique, grounded in the depths of individual experience. Spirit is transcendent and all embracing” (Bolman & Deal, 2011, Prelude, para. 6). This statement assisted me in identifying that the desired global outcome starts with the personal experience of the soul. The book develops four characteristics that contribute to a spiritual personal leadership practice. Leading with Soul goes further to explain that you “Lead with soul by giving it others.” (Bolman & Deal, 2011, Gifts of Leadership, line 41). This aided me in understanding the need for the internal work necessary for achieving global
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