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Leading with Soul is both an inspiring book and a guide for becoming a better leader. The book alternates between telling the story of a leader who is striving to find meaning in his work, and regular interludes, which include summaries, reflective questions, and information regarding various spiritual philosophies. I was exposed to dimensions of leadership I had never previously considered. This paper will reflect upon how Leading with Soul helped me understand the spiritual nature of leadership, identify strategies for nurturing the spiritual side of my own leadership, expand my capacity for assisting others during challenging times, and increase my compassion while working with difficult others.
Prior to reading Leading with Soul, I had never considered a spiritual side of leadership. I always believed that a person was born with leadership skills. I never had to work at being a leader;
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The main character in the narrative had ceased to find meaning in his work. He undertook a spiritual journey consisting of successes and failures over a long period of time, leading him to find meaning in his work. His story provided insight into how to help others during their difficult times. First, it is important to assist the individual in identifying the reason for their struggle. It is possible that they have lost their way and no longer sees meaning in their life or work. Through offering authorship and power, the person may be able to develop a sense of inner strength that may give them the courage and experience to work through other issues that are troubling them. Additionally, offering love and significance can provide the support that the person requires while addressing their difficult situation. Specifically, Leading with Soul discussed and was its own example of how stories can provide insight and connections in a time of

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