Leafy Sea Dragon Research Paper

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There is a type of fish in aquariums, that when it swims, it looks like a dragon or like a horse, it’s relative.The leafy sea dragon is a type of sea dragon that looks like seaweed when it swims with many brown and yellow leaf shaped spines all over it’s body. It lives on the south coast of austrailia, the only place too see these little guys. The leafy sea dragon almost looks spiny, it could really creep people out with its “leaves” but its not hurtful at all. The leafy seadragon is a mastermind, it camouflouges really welll, is a carnivore, and has a weird way of mating.

To begin, the Leafy Sea Dragon is ingenious at what it does. It looks like seaweed, and too play it off so it doesn’t get eaten, it tumbles along the bottom of the ocean

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