Leahanne Garcia's Classroom Observation

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On 3/29/2016 I spoke with Leahanne Garcia at the operation. Leahanne stated she has been employed at the operation since May 2015 as a Teacher assistant. Leahanne stated on Wednesday (3/23) that the children had just woken up from nap and Andi was leading circle time, while she was moving the block center shelf back to its position. She stated the children had started to get up from the rug for center time when she heard Andi yelling "get up, get up" and was yanking Isiah up by his arm. Andi then started telling him "you will listen to me" while pointing a finger in his face. Leahanne said Isiah did not cry but he had a shocked look on his face. Leahanne stated it was just her and Andi in the classroom

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