Lean Management Importance

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Lean management is identified as one of the most successful concepts due to its impact on major industries such as the aerospace industry. The principle of lean supply management is one of the most important concepts that increase the management performance by eliminating wastes and reducing cost. The concept of lean production initially started in the automotive industry by the Toyota Corporation. The aerospace has adopted the philosophy of lean from the automotive supply chain to improve performance and development. Adopting lean supply chain in the industry is critical competitive nature of the industry in the recent past.
The concept of lean is important in this industry because it offers a strategic approach, which ensures a continuous
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Lean manufacturing and the supply chain are intertwined, which makes them effective for adoption in the aerospace industry. A combination of philosophies of lean production and supply chain management enhances innovation, which makes them vital in the aerospace industry experiencing rapid transformations. Understanding lean supply management in the aerospace industry is essential because it involves establishing the best ways that creates value in the business process by eradicating waste and eliminating unnecessary activities in the industry.
Reviewing the various activities involved in the aerospace industry in the past offers knowledge on the importance of adopting lean in the industry. Research conducted by various scholars demonstrates the application of lean thinking in the industry and ways in which it has influenced aerospace sector. Selecting the recent works of literature is important since it effectively portrays the latest findings on the importance of lean concept in the aerospace industry.
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Moreover, the research builds on the development of the lean production and how it contributes towards developing competitiveness and performance of the manufacturing suppliers in the aerospace sector. Lean supply chain management is an important model in the process of the aerospace industry as well as in the business operations. It helps the suppliers of aerospace manufacturing to conduct their business processes effectively by reducing their costs in an effort to increase their
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