Principles Of Lean Management

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My topic for this project is Lean Management. I chose this topic because lean management can be applied to all kinds of industries today; whether a manufacturing firm or healthcare or service industry. Let me run you through some useful information related to it. What Is Lean Management? Lean Management is basically a modus operandi in which the company gradually looks at refining the products or the workplace and its processes by applying techniques of continuous improvement. The main idea is to analyze all the steps required in a process and try to get rid of those which do not contribute majorly to the value from a customer’s point of view. Lean Management or Lean Thinking is a concept extracted from Lean Manufacturing which was originally…show more content…
Depending on that, the value is decided which in turn generates the cost of the product/service. A Descending order of the costing approach helps a company understand how much a customer is ready to pay for specific features or services. All waste is to be eliminated in this principle for gaining profit. 2] The Value Stream: A product’s life cycle starts from the time raw material is extracted from the earth to the time when it is discarded by the customer. A comprehensive study of this value stream can help the company point out where the waste is being generated and this can be a hard process. 3] Flow: Directly linked to elimination of waste. If a process is not continuous, it may lead to the accumulation of waste and wastage of time. Fully synchronized and carefully designed flow which ensures that production is continuous will generate more value to the customer. 4] Pull: Make-to-order. Only start production after an order has been placed. This will ensure no stocking of products unnecessarily and continuous flow on the assembly line. However, to attain this the cycle time of production, design and delivery should be short and the company will require greater flexibility in order to fulfil customer’s demands.…show more content…
Knowing the value which a customer holds true, identifying and eliminating wastes from wherever necessary, assuring continuous flow and responding quickly to customer demands can help the company achieve Perfection. Tools of Lean Management Following are the 6 most important tools which are applied by majority of the manufacturing firms: 5S, Cellular Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Automation with Human Intelligence, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Management. 5S has been described in detail in this report. 5S – Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain Sort: Sorting refers to identifying the wanted and unwanted materials and eliminating the unnecessary things or items. Analyzing the products with reference to their cost and segregating items by pasting a Red Tag on them so that they can be disposed off later. [5] All this needs to be done under skilled

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