Lean Manufacturing Background

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2.2 Background of Lean Manufacturing
Origin of the lean manufacturing is after World War II, president of Toyota Motor Company, Toyoda Kiichiro says that “ Catch up with America in three years. Otherwise, the automobile industry of Japan will not survive”. There is because USA is the top manufacturing company in that century. A Japan guy who name Taiichi Ohno of Toyota, he use a lot of time to analyze production of America. He and Shingeo Shingo were developed the Toyota Production System or TPS. After that, during 70th to 80th century, the Toyota Production System knows as Just-in-Time or JIT. In 1990, Jim Womack wrote a book on topic by using “Lean” moniker. Toyota continuous does improvement by use several of tool and methodologies to
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This means that lean can actually apply in many types of business. Manufacturing not only for manufacturing sector, it can help an enterprise to process in more systematic way. Besides that, lean manufacturing is not only is a tool to apply in businesses or industries. Lean manufacturing had become a cultural phenomenon in the manufacturing, the factory which use lean manufacturing to work and success mean that they are quite strong. Therefore, it became a core system in many famous factories such as Motorola, Toyota, Apollo Harwood and so on, and all of these company is well known in world. So that, lean manufacturing had been proved that, it is a successful system, it is very important for many enterprises in…show more content…
Wastes are defined as any use or loss resource that does not lead directly to create the product of service that customers wants when they want it (Ross & Associate Environmental consulting, Ltd. 2003). Besides that, lean is a operating system that identify and eliminate all the activities which do not create value in design, production, supply chain management, and other activities used to satisfy requirements.
In level of philosophy, Ronald (2001) was defined lean is a philosophy of manufacturing that combine the collection of principles, tools, and techniques into the process of business that can maximize time, human resources, assets, productivity and improve the quality products and service to their customers at the same

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