Lean Practice In Supply Chain Management In The Ford Motor Company

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Executive Summary
The study provides the comprehensive view of lean practice in literature level and further study a real case how Ford Motor Company can achieve success by adopting lean practice to eliminate the unnecessary wastes and increase competitiveness. Moreover, this study will go through the successful factors of Ford and recommendations of lean implementation for other corporation to implement lean practice.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 5
2. Literature Review 6
2.1 What is lean Practice? 6
2.2 Wastes in supply chain management 7
2.3 Lean tools and techniques 9
3. Case Study 10
3.1 Introduction of Ford Motor Company 10
3.2 Lean practice in Ford Motor Company 10
3.3 Benefits of lean implementation in Ford Motor Company 11
4. Recommendations 12
5. Conclusions 12
6. Reference List 13

1. Introduction
Automobile supply chain is one of complex supply chain model among the several industries as it involves almost 10 tiers direct and indirect suppliers. There are so many challenges under automobile supply chain management such as lead time management, production management and even quality issue etc. as those challenges might lead to costing. The automaker should be aware those critical factors to keep survival in this tough economic environment. Today, Ford is one of large motor company dominating the global market, how did Ford overcome challenges of complex supply chain in this survival game? This study is to use a successful case of Ford Motor Company to

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