Lean Production Process

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My organization deals in furniture making and the need of the customer triggers our production process which is a Pull Approach. Our definition of value involves features that operations deliver to create utility for the customer in terms of quality, price and performance. Lean production is all about eradication of any form of waste of time and storage. Just in time (JIT) is the platform for developing our lean model which means that our furniture is made when it is ordered for as in takt time. This is to reduce Muda, Mura and Muri.Ohno (1988).
Our lean operations
The value stream for each product for which our employees is committed to is diagrammatically represented below in steps; Lean production system is applied in the manufacturing
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The lean system here is the use of production Kanban, avoiding wastage by cutting the logs as per the requirements. Also continuous efforts are made to make improvements in the production process in which much calculated sizes of furniture are cut down which are actually required for sale.. Using flint paper:
This is used to make the wood perimeters fine enough by removing extra wood particles from already cut down wood. The lean production system is followed here also as the wood particles that are separated after using flint paper are collected and saved for later usage.
The nailing brings into presence of the clean wood the basic shape of furniture like bed, table, chair etc.Thus JIT or Just In time technique is followed as nailing of various furniture parts are done when customer places order. Bent nails during usage are sold as scrap.
Carving is a process that actually brings in designs on the wood material. This makes the wooden furniture become attractive. The lean production system is followed during the carving process by saving the waste wood that actually is extracted during the process.
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The lean system is JIT as transportation of disassembled wooden parts is done through company’s transport medium and no inventory or storage cost incurred. Also supply of spare wooden parts in adjustable form to the customer home.
This is where the wooden parts are joined such that it takes the form of actual furniture product that the customer has bought. The lean production system is applied here when JIT technique is applied to assemble product only when it is sold out. This way the expenditures of inventory and even huge massive furniture goods transfer is saved.
Evaluation of usefulness of Lean approach
It is useful in my organization as it has helped to ensure an efficient process such that woods doesn’t constitute a large cost of inventory, production is done timely, each task is diagrammatically presented for everyone and there is standardization.Also,there is greater employee involvement and better understanding of definition of value. Although it has shortcoming of managing volume thereby resulting in delay of delivery and the changing taste of the customer for variety, MRP is also applied for forecasting purposes and to avoid any form of

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