Leangela Handy Case Summary

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On December 23, 2013, Corporal James Brooks of the Naples Jail Center, Florida, was arrested for arranging to purchase a stolen laptop from a recently released prisoner. A guard at the Halawa Prison in Hawaii, James “Kimo” Sanders III, received four years in federal prison after being convicted of selling meth and taking bribes to smuggle contraband into the facility where he worked. Sanders was sentenced on July 10, 2014. Leangela Handy, a prison guard in the Louisiana state prison system, was arrested on December 24, 2013 for what police described as having a “drug store” in her bra. Handy’s bra was stuffed with crystal meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, Lortab, and Xanax in addition to several cigars and a cell phone, all of which

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