Leap Year Analysis

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Leap Year is a movie about a middle age woman, Anna Brady, from Boston who stages apartments for realtors and is a hard working and emotionally strong female. Anna has been dating cardiologist, Jeremy, for four years and they are buying an upscale apartment together. Anna expects Jeremy to propose to her on a dinner date but he gives her a pair of diamond earrings instead, after which he travels to Dublin for a Cardiologist convention. Anna decides to meet him in Dublin on leap year to propose to Jeremy in accordance with an old Irish folklore tradition, which states a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it. However, her airplane is forced to land in Wales due to bad weather and she is not able to find a connecting…show more content…
By letting go of her fast paced, high maintenance lifestyle she is able to embrace life 's small moments, like getting caught in the rain, and learns to truly live in the present.

You find what you need when you are not looking for it? Anna was on her way to propose to her long time boyfriend, when she meets Declan, the complete opposite of what she thought she needed. Anna represents high class, uptight american lifestyles, while Declan represents a more laid back, cultured, country man. Similarly they are both small business owners.

Annas character represents the hopeless romantic in all of us with the gumten to go after what you want in life and take charge of your destiny.
The title leap year seems to have a few meanings, one is follow the signs around you the universe is trying to tell you something, do not be afraid to take a leap of faith.
Leap year, motivation or spark to chase your dream and take charge of your future and chase what you want in life so you may live with no
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