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English has become very popular around the world as a second language. Many people in Mexico are studying American English. American English is popular in Mexico for many reasons including work, travel, and the love of the language. This essay will try to explain, through the usage of research and case study, why Rene Ruiz wants to learn English and how it can be taught.

Student’s background

Rene Ruiz is a Mexican citizen living in the city of Guadalajara. He was born in Mexico and Spanish is his first language. He has a desire to learn and enjoys conversing with his son in English. He loves to speak English and there are five people in Rene’s immediate family, of which his son also speaks English. Rene is also interested
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This type of motivation comes from an internal desire to better communicate with fellow human beings. However, Rene also has an interest in sales and to read textbook involving his career as a merchant. This would be an example of his extrinsic motivation.

Learning style of student

Rene Ruiz has many different styles learning he mainly likes to associate action with his vocabulary. This is an example of kinesthetic learning style. On occasion Rene uses songs and movies to learn vocabulary and understand speaking in everyday conversation. This denotes a musical intelligence and shows that Rene has multiple intelligences and can benefit from different learning styles, [1] but mainly sensory preferences such as visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.

Rene is also a critical thinker and is disturbed by illogical statements and arguments. Therefor, the teacher should encourage a metacognitive awareness of how personality traits affects his language acquisition. Rene will benefit from multiple learning styles including sensory preferences, personality and multiple intelligences, interpersonal social skills, and cross-cultural awareness will also behoove Rene. He loves to travel and help English speakers with translation or
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The goal of the teacher is to work with Rene to develop his understanding of the vocabulary in everyday conversation. Eliciting, repetition, and minimal pair repetition as an action plan and method teaching will be utilized in the one to one class. Rene will have the opportunity to recreate social settings role play in everyday conversations. With this method, Rene will improve vocabulary and basic conversation skills. Rene’s motivation is mainly intrinsic therefore he enjoys the utilization of learning styles of musical and kinesthetic

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