Learn Strong 101 Student Analysis

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I am writing this paper after successfully completing my first half year of college on campus at Dakota Wesleyan University. I have done numerous things here during the fall semester of 2015 that have helped me mature and ultimately grow into a stronger person. My Learn Strong 101 class taught me some essentials that helped me with getting through the semester. One of the first things that I completed in this class was campus clarity. I think that this was a very helpful program. I am not the party type of person and spend my nights home with my daughter so a lot of this information was not relevant to me. While completing the program though I did learn a lot about what goes on and how people get themselves in tricky situations that often…show more content…
It is something that I will use all of my life. I will always need to learn new things to help me with my profession and life in general. It is hard to learn much if you do not have to willingness to learn. In my profession of nursing new technologies are always going to be coming out regarding better healthcare and I will need to be knowledgeable of them because they will have an effect on how I do my job. I will continue to use grit by contributing myself to learning and teaching others about the new technologies or procedures. Another way that I will need to continue to use grit is if I decide to go on and further my education. I will have already put in four years of schooling so I will need to make that decision of whether I will be able to dedicate myself enough to further my education. If I do decide to further my education I will need to have the strength and determination to reach my goal that comes along with grit. Even if I don’t decide to further my education, I will still be using grit in my personal life. I will use it in my personal life when I am trying to reach a goal. I am sure that I will have many of these goals and I am determined that I will have enough grit to finish them. Another thing that we talked about in Learn Strong was crucial conversations. When I think of crucial conversations I think about a crucial decision that needs to be made that can affect the lives of many. Personally I can’t think of a crucial conversation that I had this semester. What I do know though is that even though a person on the decision making end doesn’t think that it will affect many people, it actually does sometimes. Crucial conversations will come up in my life and I will need to approach them in an appropriate
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