Learning A Second Language In The United States

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A second language should be required in all high schools in the United States. Other countries have to know their native language and English, so it’s only fair that Americans learn at least one other language. Furthermore, learning a second language can be vital in today’s increasingly globalized economy. Possessing the knowledge of a second language provides multiple benefits; the first one being more job opportunities. Being bilingual opens up lots of jobs opportunities such as a translator, language teacher, and international lawyer. Some may say that they can find a different job that doesn’t require a second language. However, studies have shown that people who know a second language experience a 10-15% higher pay than those who don’t.…show more content…
Students who know more than one language have increased test scores, do better in math and reading, and have a better understanding on their first language. Others may argue that learning a new language will hinder learning because it is taxing on the students. While learning a new language is very difficult it makes students think harder; it pushes them to try something different which they then carry over to their other classes.
Overall the benefits of learning a new language far outweigh the consequences. At first it may be difficult to understand, but in the end the knowledge will help with finding a job and doing better in school. So the next time you’re choosing your classes, try a foreign language

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