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SURVEY OF LEARNING ANALYTICS BASED ON PURPOSE AND TECHNIQUES FOR IMPROVING STUDENT PERFORMANCE Dr.Suchithra R Department of Computer Science, Jain University Bengaluru V.Vaidhehi Department of Computer Science, Christ University Bengaluru Nithya Easwaran Iyer Department of Computer Science, Sri Vani International School, Bengaluru ABSTRACT I Learning Analytics is a process to analyze the learners which improves the educational performance. Learning Analytics also helps the higher educational institutions to improve the educational practices and techniques. This paper provides a detailed survey of the current research activities conducted in the education system. The review of Learning Analytics is based on some of existing Learning Analytics applications, purpose of the Learning Analytics in the education system and the type of students. The review based on various tools,…show more content…
To increase the number of students continuing higher education, the future research work is towards the design of a system for students to choose courses in the Indian universities using Learning Analytics. An efficient course advisory system can enhance the student performance. Such course advisory system minimizes the drop outs in higher education due to improper course selection. Course advisory systems also help the higher education institutions to plan the education system by knowing the demand for each course in an efficient way. Course advisory systems assist the teachers to discharge their duty by knowing the students strengths and other capabilities. Employability can be enhanced if the requirements from the industry are incorporated into the education system. This paper provides a detailed review on various Learning Analytics tools, applications and the techniques used to design and develop Learning Analytic
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