Learning And Technology Pros And Cons

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The immense growth in science and technology, especially in the communications sector has had a far reaching impacts on various aspects of human life. One of the areas of human life which has benefitted enormously from the technological breakthroughs in the digital world has been the field of education which has been drastically transformed. In the earliest years of the digital revolution, computer aided education revolutionised teaching and learning in the classroom but now, with the coming of Web 2.0, the whole concept of education relative to the outreach and individual learning that is possible have become great. MOOC platforms which allow students to access learning in any other part of the world has been a great enabler and has bridged the educational divide to a great extent. In order to understand the various principles of learning and teaching which are part of the MOOC experience, enrolment in two courses, from different universities revealed the wide variety of programs available and the manner in which these platforms can be used to provide education to people across the world, generally at a fraction of the cost and sometimes even free. Distance learning and the use of computer aided education has been a part of the learning and teaching environment for more than a quarter of a century but advances in computer technology have increased the scope and reach of education. One of the most significant ways in which technology has been used to extend the field

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