Learning Context Case Study

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Context (max 250 words)
First, describe the context in max 250 words. Describe all details about the context that are necessary for analysing the learning situation, such as knowledge level of the students, specific learning context (e.g. ward, handover etc. )

Sitting : outpatient clinical physiology clinic. King Khaled university hospital. Riyadh .Saudi Arabia.
Level of learner: internship doctors
Number of learners: 2
Number of medical staff in the clinic: 1 consultant, 1 nurse, 2 internship doctors.
Procedure to be performed: upper limb nerve conduction study (NCS). A non-invasive procedures
Time scheduled for each patient: 45 minutes
Total number of patient: 5.
Clinic time: Wednesday morning 8 am -12pm
Duration of placement: 1 month

Learning situation (max 500 words)

At the end of the clinical session, the learner should be able to:
1- Perform a focused patient-centered history and focused physical examination for diverse patient referred to the clinical neurophysiology clinic
2- Perform upper limb nerve conduction studies in patients referred to clinical neurophysiology clinic.
3- Perform analysis ,interpret and report findings of nerve conduction study.
4- Demonstrate
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To allow learners to approximate the real experience and to lower the risk on the patient, expert provide scaffolding, which takes the form of physical aids, modeling tasks ( history taking, examination and upper limb nerve conduction studies), coaching and giving feedback .The strategy also involves the gradual withdrawal of expert from the process, when the learners can manage task (focused patient-centered history , focused physical examination, and upper limb nerve conduction studies) on their own (Le Grand Brandt, Farmer, &
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