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Learning Contract – Plan Introduction To develop competent skills in confidently managing aggression in patients with dementia and implement de-escalation or talk down techniques effectively, it is imperative to observe senior nursing staff as they deal with aggressive patients. Managing aggression in patients with Behavioural psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) can be very complex processes that require extensive experience to effectively and safely implement appropriate nursing interventions. Martin & Daffern (2006) state that mental health clinicians require confidence in their ability to work with aggressive patients, allowing the provision of therapeutic care while ensuring protection for themselves and other patients from psychological…show more content…
Martin et al. (2006) in their study noted that some personal factors that reduced confidence in clinicians were due to inexperience with physical restraint, and a lack of knowledge of aggression. Nurses require good assessment skill to manage or prevent aggression and this skill can be acquired by having hands on training by experienced specialist. The nurse has to be aware of the triggers of aggression and moreover be able to recognise early signs of aggression. Of equal importance, developing a better understanding of the causes of aggression might lead to more effective treatment and preventive strategies (Shub, Ball, Abbas, Gottumukkala & Kunik, 2010). The intent of this learning contract plan is to assist me in developing my skills in aggression management. Learning theories will be explored and their relevance…show more content…
I therefore I am to achieve my clinical skills in this area though application of Malcolm Knowles adult learning theory. According to Gatti-Petito, Lakatos, Bradley, Cook, Haight and Karl (2013) Knowles approach to adult learning is experiential and makes use of problem solving approach focusing on topics of immediate value to the requirements of the learner. Adopting this approach will enhance my skills and improve performance. One of Knowles assumption in his learning theory is that as person matures there is accumulation a growing reservoir of experience that becomes an increasing resource for learning. By the same token as I continue to observe and learn from my senior work colleagues, there will be accumulation of valuable skills that will assist with managing aggression in patients with

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