Learning Disabilities In Organizations

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The main problem with traditional organizations is that problems are being solved in a way that others had tried to solve it before, with minimal success and much failure. This is because, organizations, or rather, employees, solve their own predicament according to their impulse, either due to inexperience or their capacity to learn, thus, the term ‘learning disabilities'. Mostly, people are turned down by their way of thinking. Either it is skewed or looked at an angle where the more complex views are hidden. Thus, how things are being taken into view varies widely among employees in all levels of the organization.

Struggles with Learning Disabilities inside Organization Have you ever wondered what it be like if learning disabilities
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First, which is a huge crutch for us, is “I am my position”, which means individual units in the organization focus to closely on their own positions and responsibilities, thus missing out on bigger pictures and inter-unity. Our small team has been together for about a year now, trying to learn what works best for the entire organization, however, there is a few employees that still live by the moto of “I am not doing that, because that is not my job”, this attitude has been manifesting for quite some time, and it seems to get worse as the month pass. These individuals are to focused on their positions, and they do not worry about their fellow employees or the impacts that this will have on the entire organization. The employees that portray this type of behavior will not step out of their comfort zone, and try new things. They are solely focused on what they are doing and do not worry about what is going on around them. This prevents organizational learning for…show more content…
Transition is needed from short term thinking to long term thinking. In my company, we are always focusing on the day to day to operations that occur, every morning, we review a metric that tells us what was the done and what was not done the previous day, and the short comings need to be focused on today, in order to get our numbers up to where they need to be. I see this as being fixated on events and have a short-term fix for a long-term problem. As a leader, I would clearly explain to all the employees, that over the next week, we need to strive to have these numbers way far beyond what they are currently setting at, for all of us to be successful. I would provide insight to why this is important and conduct follow up meeting throughout the course of the week to ensure that the milestones that I had provided were being met, this will ensure that employees are not getting stagnant on the day to day numbers and will show them the positive outcomes of just one weeks planning
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