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Hello, Master Sharif, and Readers of this Journal Entry, I will be using this Learning Journal Entry (LJE) to narrate a self-reflection of my learning process for this unit. This LJE will serve as the basis for documenting the systematic approaches I have taken towards tackling the tasks for this week. My feelings, attitudes, reactions, challenges, and what I have learned, for this week will be narrated reflectively. There is no better way for me to do the narration than to specifically narrate with regard to the tasks to accomplish for this week. The Tasks This Week. For this course, as usual, I have the classical tasks that must be accomplished this week. Apart from the fact that this course is not the only course I am taking this term,…show more content…
For this reason, I am used to dealing with this task before any other. The task was to complete the rest of Chapter two of the textbook by Neeraj Sharma et al(2010). It was all about relational data model constraints. I learned the true meaning of integrity constraints. In database designs and developments, integrity constraints help to ensure the quality of the information entered or inserted into a database (Neeraj, 2010). I learn the various types of integrity constraints and I am so grateful for this. Although I am not new to the database and its developments, I, however, benefited from the reading task. For instance, I have never attempted to make use of the check constraints in any of my created database relation definitions. Those checks are done upfronts from the client's side before the database relation or table from the server side is being called. I strongly believe that nowadays, such checks are made upfront before the database methodologies are being called. Still, I am grateful to have learned that there are alternative ways in doing this directly from the database relation definitions. My reading task did not end in chapter two. I extended the reading task to chapter five of the text. The reason for this is due to the discussion forum task, which I will narrate…show more content…
We were asked to identify and describe the integrity constraints appropriate for the library system with respect to the previously submitted assignment. The most challenging aspect is how to properly demonstrate and present the solution in such a way that my peers can enjoy the assessment. If I can achieve that, it is certain that my peers will grade me well. I have, therefore, tried my best to present my solutions graphically and wordily with explicit identification and description of the terms required of us. I hope my peers will grade me

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