Learning Management System Literature Review

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2 Literature review
2.1 Introduction
A lot of Universities works to make their website efficient in such a way that provide an easy to use interface for every student.
In this chapter Learning Management System (LMS) definition and architecture, e-LMS and a number of examples that illustrate theoretic concepts are introduced.
It is necessary to know and understand how Learning Management System are used in making the interaction between students, teachers and their universities much easier. This is to ensure that the study that currently being conducted contribute at a certain level of application thus it become more efficient and practical.
2.2 Related work
With the development of IT technology, network and programming languages, a Learning
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This system aims to make it easier for students to stay updated with the least possible effort and keep an eye on what’s new in addition to the fact that it forms a new way of communication between students and their teachers.
2.2.3 Communication with the Ministry of Education System Communication is a government based electronic system that serve as an easy way to communicate with the Minister of education, ministry officials and all of the different sectors.
This system allows user to provide suggestions and ask questions in addition to give their opinion on different matters in such a way that guaranties its arrival through an effective electronics
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This system saves both time and money, so instead of printing announcement and stapling exam tables on boards for everyone to see, a more directed announcement that is shown only to the specific person is used.

2.2.5 Learning management system, King Khalid University King Khalid University Learning Management System was authorized by the Deanship of Admission at the King Khalid University, it follows the same approach as in the E-Learning System of University of DAMMAM, with one goal in mind, making the interaction between different parties in the university more efficient.
Where each student, faculty member or head of department can log in to their account and do many of the possible operations.
Among many Of the services that can be offered:
1. Special area for faculty members to add recorded courses and lectures.
2. Student can have access to courses registered to him through this

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