Learning Reflection

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According to my understanding learning is a product of something people do or what they have. It is an active process where individuals evolve and learn through a and we change when we learn due to learning people goes under a procedure of development due to which they have attained new skills, new elements of knowledge, new facts, new understandings and new ways to experience the world which they never have before. Learning is an outcome which brings a nearly stable change in an attitude through different exposure. It is an internal activity which cannot be observed directly in others.

Learners learn through experiences and exposure I agree with Social constructivism (year) emphasizes the importance of culture and context in understanding what occurs in society and constructing knowledge based on this understanding (Derry, 1999; McMahon, 1997). It is based on a reality, knowledge and learning. I agree with (Piaget 1970) that a learner makes personal meaning of learning based on their prior knowledge which they align it with their learning process and they should be allowed to construct knowledge which is meaningful for them.
Social interaction is also very important to build the critical development in learner and teacher always try to scaffold the understanding of learner by helping them through assistance where needed to develop their skills as mentioned by (Vygotsky 1962) gives an idea which relate it to “Zone of Proximal Development”. I had also witness that a student

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