Cultural Barriers In Teaching Second Language

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Abstract Learning second language is like a nightmare for everybody. Even we afraid of it, we want to know the second language utterly, either fluency of speaking or using appropriate vocabulary. From the past to the present, there are lots of techniques or approaches to learn the second language in the best way. As we know that culture is the integral part of the language. So, in order to be successful in learning, we have to understand and know the target culture. The aim of this article is to give necessary information about relationship between language and culture in learning the second language by given examples.
Key Words: Culture, Teaching Second Language, Cultural Awareness
In learning second language, the first thing which comes to our minds is structural or linguistics forms of the language. We start learning by rules, syntax, and
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In English speaking class, I asked students to explain their birthdays. When and how are they celebrating their birthdays? One of my students told me that even in Turkish; I could not explain it because I have never celebrated my birthday. In that case, I could not force him to speak.
In order to increase cultural awareness, teacher has to explain target language cultural background before teaching the subject. In textbooks, they can see pictures or read written text about the second language culture. For example, in Turkey, students have to wear uniforms while going to the school. But in English textbooks, they can see and admire that students can wear whatever they want. So, the visual effect is one of the ways for cultural awareness. Another element is beliefs or religion. For example, it is difficult to translate difference between New Year and Christmas for Turkish students because our religion does not have it. Most of them will understand that both of them are the same thing if teacher do not give introductory
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