Compare And Contrast The Four Skills Of Learning English

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English is important to be learned in this globalization era. Learning English involves four main skills. The four skills are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Those skills have to be mastered by the students when they are learning English. “To teach those four skills, teachers have to use some methods that can give the chance to the students to be involved in teaching and learning process” ( Richard and Rodgers, 1998) it means that the school, the teacher and the students as well decide the success of achieving the educational aims on the school level. In other words, teacher have duties on constructing the right lesson material formulating the proper aim, choosing and constructing the right lesson material according to the need, interest, and children development phase, choosing the method and teaching media and constructing the program and right evaluation. The students taught through a good method will get the chance to involve in the teaching and learning process, especially concerning those four basic language skill that must be mastered by the students. The relationship between this…show more content…
(2) Students have an opportunity to ask about the material to the teacher that they have not understood yet, using one way instruction (student-teacher). (3) the teacher gives some example about practice speaking skill and followed by the students, it repeated 5 times. (4) the teacher give some tasks for the students and discuss about that (5) and then, in the end of activity the teacher conclude the material. The teacher never gives an opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge and skill that they have learn before to resolve the problem into real life situation. In conventional teaching, explanation method chosen as a main teaching

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