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Statement of problem: learning styles are important for consideration in educational process of academic world.
Learning styles are innate and it affects student learning process.
As we know, we have different kinds of learning style such as: aural, visual, oral, kinesthetic, pictorial and etc.
In this context, student achievement is related to the learning style. Understanding students' learning style is important factor can affect their achievement .
The potential concern is whether technological devices such as computer assisted instruction (CAI) in classroom can operate effectively, practically and pedagogically.
However with great potential of computer in teaching and learning foreign language, there is no technical movement has been
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Crossman(1997) hold that computer assisted instruction (CAI) has become more powerful, faster easier to use, more convenient and cheaper

Significant of study:
There are much researches has been done in the area of learning style, but few studies done in the area of learning style in Computer assisted instruction circumstance . Hope this present study will fill that gap.
The results of this study are expected to help :
Teachers and instructors. To carry out foreign language process more effectively.
By knowing to what extent learning style of students play a role in language learning
Also effect of this concept benefit learners themselves.
They could have a better understanding about their own learning style and adapt themselves to the best method that help them more and at the end, it would help material designers to have efficient evaluation material that help learners fix their deficiencies.
Research Question: the researcher develop 3 research Q:
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2 of them mentioned here:
Visual (visual learners prefer seeing things )
Aural: Aural (auditory-musical): learners prefer using sound and music.
In this study learning style is operationalized through the applying the VARK (visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic) questionnaire administered by Fleming and Mills, (1992).
According to Richards and Schmit(2002,p111) : Computer assisted instruction (CAI )is defined as:” The use of a computer in a teaching program.. In this research ,among all existed technologies in the area of CAI, the researcher chooses video-projector technology.
Language Achievement: According to Richard and Schimt(2002,p284) Language achievement is defined as: “A learner’s mastery, in a SECOND LANGUAGE and FOREIGN LANGUAGE, of what has been taught or learned over a period of instruction”.
The researcher will assess learners’ achievement through a teacher made achievement test.

Limitation and delimitation:
In order to have more reliable result, the researcher will need more participants to select ,but the main problem is an unavailability of participant on the intermediated level
Also lack of suitable institution is
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