Learning Style Inventory

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After completing the learning style inventory, I discovered that I am both an Active Experimentation (AE) and Abstract Conceptualization (AC) learner. Which makes a lot of sense based on my life experiences, I learn best when I am thinking and doing. I love to take my time on assignments and think about what I want to accomplish. Making sure to tackle a problem from various angles is always something that I naturally do. Once I figure out a strategy I apply the doing piece, trying and tweaking my approach until I have found an optimized route. Being aware of my learning style is important because not every child will learn the same. As a teacher, I need to be able to teach to everyone. When I placed my learning style scores into the grid, I…show more content…
I can teach to the divergent learner by building the bond that they need. Taking the time to become their educational partner. I can actively engage the class in group discussions to really hook the divergent learner. The assimilating learner will need a guide; which I can do since I like to break down complex issues. I will provide them organized lectures and different perspectives to topics being discussed in class. My least challenging type of learner would be accommodating. I have found myself in the role model position for a lot of children. Growing up, I was the oldest of four siblings without a father figure in our lives. I have taken the roles of parent and older sibling. Showing my family that anything is possible. I am the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college. Pushing this type of learner to try something with a little risk and influencing change will be my focus. Being aware of my learning style and those of my students will make me a better educator. Since I will be teaching younger children I must be creative in ways to assess their learning style and be willing to take the time to get to know each one of
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