Learning Styles In Nursing

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Introduction One major objective for nursing education is to produce nurses with the aptitude to think critically and consequently, be able to provide safe nursing care; and in doing so one must possess characteristics of knowledge, judgment and skills. According to Suliman (2006) the critical thinking dispositions (CTD) and learning styles (LS) of student nurses are of major concern to nurse educators because it affects the teaching methods used in their development. Ju An and Sook Yoo (2008) assert that understanding the link between learning style and critical thinking would facilitate the development of a curriculum that will help all styles of learners to develop their critical thinking skills. As a result, the following study will be…show more content…
According to Li, Chen and Tsai (2008), learning styles are considered to influence students’ ability to learn. However, one learning style does not apply to all students and no one style is deemed better than another. Li et al. (2008) further mention that “understanding the various styles of learning that are used by nursing students is important so that educators are able to adapt their mode of teaching to meet the needs of the students.” It is imperative for instructors to have a working knowledge of critical thinking dispositions as they are required for making judgments about patients’ complex health problems (Zhang & Lambert,…show more content…
In the study of Rudd et al (2000), the relationship between critical thinking disposition and learning styles was not significant. Tüfekci, Küçükoğlu, Bölükbaş, & Tezel, (2011) further more indicated same result when studies between experimental and control group of nursing students on the impact of critical thinking has on examination passes show no statistical relationship between those who were exposed to critical thinking education and those who weren’t. However, it was also noted that in order to improve students critical thinking skills learning and teaching styles need to be enhance such as presenting theoretical knowledge, scenario studies, making exercises and giving homework as purported by Tufekci (2011). In order to emphasize the

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