Student Learning Styles

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The problem or research question.
The children have different learning styles, and these are ultimately responsible for the various forms of action of students to the process of mutual learning
The importance of considering learning styles as a starting point in the design, implementation and monitoring of the teaching-learning process in the context of educational psychology and teaching itself is generally itself, which mainly concerns the work especially military school teacher Tcrn. Lauro Guerrero. Research on cognitive styles has had great importance for the methodologies applied by providing evidence to suggest that accommodate teaching methods favorite student styles, can bring greater satisfaction of these and also improved academics.
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Most have learning problems and poor school performance because it costs a lot of work to pay attention and memorize. They do not differentiate well the letters of the lines and have little capacity to understand what is taught.
Its main weaknesses are in reading, writing and basic math. In general they can not draw and have bad handwriting and spelling. When reading omit words, syllables and even whole lines or paragraphs. They do not understand what they read and although they can identify letters, do not know say them correctly.
Based on this research, explanations and practical solutions, about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, taking into account that it is a problem that affects us all, upon which to reach a proposal to correct this situation for the benefit education and families.
It is important to note that on the subject, there are multiple studies at international and national level but at the level of our city, a lack of culture and knowledge on the subject is evidence and what worries even more, is the lack of importance given within the education system and the preparation of our teachers needed on the
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1.3. Questions Research Guidelines.

For the theoretical scientific explanation of the proposed research problem, it is considered appropriate to investigate the problems arising following:

to. What are attention disorders that occur in children aged five to eleven years of age who are educated in the military school Tcrn. Lauro

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