Learning Styles Research Paper

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Luke Haney
English 9-1
22 October 2015
Now I get it: Learning Styles

There are a lot of learning types. I asked, which am I? By doing some research, I found my learning types. I’m dominantly a visual learner, but also learn as a active or kinesthetic learner which is through activities, knowing this helps me to realize how to grasp ideas in classes and how to make my understanding stronger . Its interesting to know how people can figure out my learning styles through simple surveys. Through most of the surveys that I took showed that I was most heavily a visual learner. A visual learner learns best from things that are shown in pictures, diagrams, or demonstrations (Felder). When I took the the North Carolina State University learning styles questionnaire, after completion, I was given a scale showing my dominant
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I was especially astonished when I found quotes on what active or visual learners would say or think such as, “‘I get the picture’” (learning styles). When I saw this I knew I had said it before. It goes further, I do actually get a ‘picture’ in my head when thinking or trying to put something together. Its not like thinking about an idea, I see it happen. The same is for Active learning, I want to test the idea. Their was some learning styles that I was more half and half on such as, sensing and global. With sensing, I do like facts but for some classes I like to ponder theories, the ifs, thens. The tests put more towards sensing which was fine, but it felt like it left no room for institutive or the learners who like theories, possibilities, or relationships (Felder). I thought this research will be beneficial to help me learn. There are some things I already do that conform to my learning types like, rewriting the important things in my notes to help me visualize them before a test. It also seems to help to write things over and over to memorize them. I will continue doing these

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