Learning Theory: Learner Cognitivism Theory And Curriculum Design

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A learning theory incorporates principles which aim at explaining changes in human performance, providing a set of instructional strategies, tactics, techniques to select from and the foundation for how and when to choose and integrate the strategies5. Learning theories offer insights into “what promotes learning effectiveness and how students learn”. Learning theories are based on principles that can guide effective teaching practice and facilitate deep versus surface learning”. Thus, to have the disposition that is required to be acquired by the learner, curriculum designers need to consider relevant and appropriate learning theories during curriculum design and implementation. The more learning theories are integrated in the curriculum design process; the more likely learners can be accommodated within the programme.…show more content…
This is because changes in the behavior of students is the impact on students ' thinking process. This theory focuses on the process of knowing and acquiring knowledge through information processing by means of discussion, reasoning, problem solving and brainstorming activities. This theory is also closely associated with the process of storing information. A psychological cognitivism said that learning involves the use of memory, motivation and thinking and therefore software designers must consider the materials for learning should ensure that there are activities for the various learning styles10. In addition, the teaching strategies should highlight important information and content to enhance the learning process. Next, the designer needs to integrate new information with existing information from long-term memory to enable existing cognitive. Finally, learning content broken down into several small volumes to avoid the cognitive load. If more than five or six items to be learned, lessons-linear, non-linear, spider map and mind map should be

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