Benefits Of Teamwork

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Learning is foster through teaming up. Students in the College of Industrial
Education at Technological University of the Philippines Manila experiences learning in team and help each other to attain common goals. Also teamwork is globally important that need to participate fully in team and professional life to possess increasingly the skills necessary to work in teams.
Besides teamwork remains ultimate competitive advantage because it is powerful and exceptional. Indeed, teamwork is now a trend in the education it helps as benefit to the world it help the students to explore their abilities and skills to develop a better outcome.
Moreover, it requires skill that is needed to foster learning. It involves the following foremost is listening,
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According to Hackman (2009) team effectiveness should not be viewed only in terms of performances. While performance is an important outcome, a truly effective team will contribute to the personal well-being and adaptive growth of its members. In fact teaming up ensure that every group member has learnt something and allow for each member to be responsible for their own work. Team members also can rely on each other and trust each other. This can be important when the team faces a particularly difficult challenge or if the group is forced to deal with the loss of a team member while still trying to maintain efficiency.
However, teaming up has a contrary effects, the positive and negative.
Positive, when the students do their work, and perform well. Teamwork skills help the students to motivate, focus and also to organize their work together with the team different members are responsible of its own abilities to work together effectively. Then, negative when the students did not know how to nurture learning, how to do their duties and responsibilities involve in the team consequently

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