Learning To Read And Write

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Learning to read and write was not an option; it was a requirement. “School will be what makes you succeed in life,” my parents and educators would say. I did not realize how hard it would be to read and write; however, it came natural to me, in the beginning. Struggling many times, several people did not believe in me; however, that never stopped me from wanting to gain more knowledge as I grew older. There has always been more positive people to motivate me whenever I needed inspiration. Throughout my childhood, the idea of having a college education was importantly emphasized. As a result, it was my responsibility to be the first generational child to excel in my studies and achieve a life of good fortune and accomplishments. In the beginning, I found the stress of having further education to be a great weak point, but as I grew older, I began to realize the many rewards I have gained by having the skill to be literate. Learning to read and write became the basis of my development. Since I was in kindergarten, I have been taught to read and write. By watching alphabet videos, we would recite and write each letter every day until it stuck in our brains. We learned sentence structure, and we were inspired to write our own stories and draw them out on white copy paper; my classmates and I learned writing. While the teacher read to us Dr. Seuss books, we learned literacy sitting around a colorful, ABC lettered rug. As she read the book, we would follow in pronouncing and
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