Encourage Your Baby To Sit Up Essay

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How To Encourage Your Baby To Sit Up

One of the most important developmental milestones that parents eagerly await is the day their baby learns to sit up independently. Majority of the babies learn to sit on their own around 6 to 8 months of age. Nevertheless, babies can learn to sit up as late as ten months or as early as four months, without any cause of worry.
So what is it that really differs between babies who sit up early and babies who sit up late? The answer lies in the child’s ability to support head and roll from back to belly. As soon as a kid masters these two skills, s/he can begin learning how to sit up. It is important to note that not all babies develop at the same pace. Nevertheless, there are a few things that concerned parents can try in order to encourage babies to sit up independently. Scroll down to find them out.
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1. Use a medium-sized exercise ball
Your baby requires strong muscles in his belly, thighs, back and waist to be able to sit on his own. To strengthen all these muscles together, you can make use of a medium sized exercise ball. Hold your baby in an upright sitting posture and position him
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Say for example- if your infant is lying on his tummy and has already developed head control, then try hanging a toy a little above his head. In order to grab the toy, your child will be encouraged to back up. Next, he will try to figure out how to take the weight off his hands while keeping his height and slowly learn to sit up. Make sure that you perform this exercise on a cushiony surface, under complete guidance. While this trick is super helpful in motivating some babies, others tend to get bothered and irritated. If your child begins to fuss, it’s advisable to give him the toy and let him play for a while before you resume with the
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