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Please respond to the following: "Marketing Management Tools"
Based on your review of the Learnscape scenario titled “Learnscape 2: Patient Engagement”, analyze the benefits afforded to health care marketers that understand the importance of establishing core values that guide health care organizations in their strategic and tactical pursuits. Determine whether you believe the relationship between core values should stay the same over time or should change over time. Provide one (1) example of such a relationship between core values to support your rationale.
Establishing of core values is very critical for any healthcare organization, because core values support the healthcare organization’s long term vision, core values help in shaping organizational
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For example, core value of a local healthcare facility can be “a better patient care”, now a hospital may grow form small beds facility to larger beds facility, but its core value of better patient care stays the same.

Appraise the value offered by Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model as a management tool for communication drivers of excellence that will yield sustained success. Provide at least two (2) specific examples of Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model that apply within a health care organization with which you are familiar.
Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model is depicted as a circular diagram which contains nine boxes denoting key drivers of excellence, the primary driver (value driven leadership) is located at the center while other eight drivers extend form the center visualizing their influence. Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model is very useful tool when it comes to planning long term sustainability of an organization. It helps managers identify key driver needed by the long term growth and sustainability. Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model clearly identifies the drivers of excellence that a healthcare organization must possess in order to be successful in long
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