Least Restrictive Environment Essay

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Topic Inclusion for individuals with special needs has been a modern push since the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), when the concept of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) was implemented. This mandated that students learn in the environment that is appropriate for their needs yet doesn’t restrict them from being educated with their non-disabled peers. As time has passed this concept of inclusion has continued onto the living arrangements once students with special needs transition from the education system. It wasn’t long ago that after individuals with special needs transitioned from schooling they were limited to only a hand full of options for life afterwards. Some went to state institutions, others privatized facilities if there was openings, and some remained in their homes with family until they could no longer. As the inclusion movement has progressed, the idea of isolation and…show more content…
It is important to address this so that no person has to be restricted to a life with less potential than anyone else and to meet the organization’s mission. There is deterioration in the organization for failing to maintain the organizations mission which can impact all areas of service. Failure to meet or exceed this goal may impact funding for not only the individuals but the organization. It could also impact the certification from the servicing state, and the credentials of the organization. This could lead to individuals no longer being placed for services with the organization, or individuals being removed from services. Failing to maintain set goals can lead to investigations into causes and if right restrictions have occurred fines and penalties of the organization may be applied. The servicing organization has observed the trend and would like to prevent it from continuing and therefore wants to address any ongoing issues to improve services and continue to meet their goal of community inclusion for all individuals
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