Leather Tanning Industry

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Leather industry, including leather products, is the second largest export market after textile sector in Pakistan. The leather tanning industry in Pakistan is working with machines that are older, and probably from different countries in the 1970s and 1980s. Our country you have second-hand machinery by a high amount of foreign profits, it could not create a friendly atmosphere in environment. A large part of the country is exposed to the air pollution caused by chemical residues in tanning process This pollution you have adverse effect on the health of the local population, particularly in the cities of Karachi, Kasur and Sialkot. Pakistan is lucky, that the raw materials required by the industry is available in large amount. Low labor cost…show more content…
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD): The upper BOD-limit of the effluent discharged into the recipient should be less than 30 mg/I of the waste water treatment plant but charges not set limits to the BOD-removal. Suspended solids (SS): municipal sewage treatment plants receive charges in the amount of the suspended solids the highest load of the suspended solids in general not more than 2000 mg / I .In the case of a discharge in the suspended solids content of the receiver should be less than 30 mg/I. Soluble solids: the discharges into sewers not more than 5000 mg/I of soluble solids and 300 mg/I of sulphates. Sulphides: the acidification of the alkaline lye with sulphides produces hydrogen databases are accessed via the derived waste water into the municipal sewage treatment plant is usually not more than 20 mg/I of sulphides (e.g. hydrogen databases are accessed via ) The receiver should not more than Tracks chromium. Chromium(VI) compounds are toxic to fish and have an adverse effect on the biological Viernheim. You should not in the receiver. Wastewater Treatment Plant high fees for concentration of chromium3 exceeding 20…show more content…
Also optical effects, excessive noise and emissions into the air are well known, related to tanning industry. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION The relationship between the Pakistani leather trade and the environment is, an increasing demand for the product in the world, and ignorance of the ecological problems from the tanning process. OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal organization (part of the Department of Work), ensures that a safe and healthy working conditions. OSHA is the most important objective for the protection of human rights and the security of workers by avoiding accidents at the workplace and death and hold the employer responsible for secure jobs. OSHA provides workers and employers with information about hazardous working conditions and they offer free assessment for the workplace hazards. There are a number of strict federal safety standards to which all companies must adhere. These regulations cover things such as disposal of hazardous materials, necessary personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, the maximum permissible noise levels and fall protection is required. OSHA investigated jobs in order to be able to guarantee

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