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In the book Leave Better than Found, by Taylor Jannsen, there are many inspiring ideas and concepts. Jannsen describes the many ways throughout his life that he took situations that weren’t the best and he tells us how he was able to leave the situation better than he found them. These are five of the situations that really stuck with me from Leave Better than Found. One of the things that touched me from this book was when Taylor Jannsen talked about having a positive mental attitude. Jannsen says that it’s all about how you look at the circumstances you are presented with. This applies to my life because when I am feeling down about a certain situation I tend to be more pessimistic rather than optimistic side of things. I don’t usually consider how changing my viewpoint could turn the whole situation around. A saying I have heard about this is, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” I can apply this in my life when I don’t do well on a test or am feeling bad for myself. If I can look on the brighter side of things I will be a lot happier and I won’t worry so much. I can do this because when I start feeling sad about something I will think of the previously mentioned saying and remember how good can come from everything.…show more content…
Taylor Jannsen made a good point when he said it is necessary to ask ourselves tough questions in life. Just like in the previous paragraph it pays to ask yourself if you are using your time in the best way possible or if you did the right or wrong thing today at school. I do find it hard sometimes because I don’t always want to accept that some of the choices I’ve made have been the wrong ones. Examining your conscience will make you feel better about the situations you’ve found yourself in. I can put this into action by recalling my actions and the choices I made during the day before I go to bed. This will also help you to have more of a positive mental

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