Leaving Children In Prison Essay

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Due to the judicial policies getting tougher on issues such as drug offenses and what they consider felonies, more and more people are going to prison. As of now, the United States has the highest rate of incarcerations. The inmates themselves are not only the only ones affected; 2.8 million children are left behind in the country after their parents are arrested (The Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: Needs and Responsive Services). Children of incarcerated parents do not really get the attention they need, leaving them to face many problems alone. These children tend to develop mental illnesses, awkward social skills, and they function very different than a child with a normal home setting. Many children loose contact with their parent after they are gone for many reasons. When a parent is…show more content…
No child should suffer emotionally and mentally because of a grown-up’s decision. To help this problem, prisons should take in consideration how a little kid feels. Prisons should allow prisoners extra time with their children. Phone calls should not be so expensive. Phone calls should also be scheduled around a child’s time. Parents should be calling after school and before bedtime. It would be easier on a kid if when they visited their mother or father, there were rooms with a more home like setting. Prisons should have a place where children can sit and be comfortable. It would be wonderful if every prison allowed physical contact. Years could go by before families can hug or kiss. It should be required that families know exactly what happens to their loved one behind bars. Employees of the prison should be in charge of explaining any illness, punishment, and even meals to children. It would take some worry off them. A child has the right to know every court date and what happens at court. They should be informed of any changes involving their loved
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