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Reasons for Entering and Leaving Nursing Donna Alleyne Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439: Research Article Critique Paper January 2018 Summary The increase in shortages of nurses in the Australian nursing workforce continued, these changes have greatly impacted their employment decisions by a shortfall of 4,000 new graduates. Despite increases in the nursing workforce, undersupplied of nurses continue. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors influencing the decision why nurses and nursing student of different sex, age, and backgrounds enter and leave nursing. Observations and Events The research addresses a comprehensive national survey covering the tangible and intangible aspects of nursing in Australia and to contrast…show more content…
The authors were aware of it limitation because the survey was distributed to the participants by third parties. Limitations were due to the fact that the sample population was gathered from only one region in Queensland, by doing so they eliminated the possible individuals from other regions participating in the survey. This limitation on the population may lead to a biased or unfair sample, to overcome this all of the nursing population should have been…show more content…
An important finding and assumptions, that younger people will only be drawn to nursing for the appealing lifestyle it offered. “Young people are ‘turned off’ a career in nursing because supposedly old‑fashioned values of altruism and vocation have no interest to them have led to tailoring nursing recruitment messages accordingly” (Eley.R 2010). Conclusion Ineffective nursing employment can occur when experienced nurses choose to leave and student entering nursing intent to work for 15 years. The main reasons identified by nurses and nursing students for entering nursing are self-interest, vocation, altruism, and young people are only drawn to nursing for the appealing lifestyle it offered. The majority of nurses are aged 44 years or older and a large percentage of the nurses in Australia workforce will retire in the next decade. Only fewer individuals choose to embark on a nursing career and nursing recruitment is needed to ensure a shortage in nurses doesn’t occur.

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