Leaving The Outsiders In The French Revolution

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Outsiders are somewhat and are heard as an outcast, but today that isn 't the case. People are alienated when others become isolated from their surroundings. In revolutions and various pieces of literature outsiders are abused by authority and therefore alienated.
Often in literature, authors tend to show how certain characters abuse their authority leaving the outsiders alienated throughout the story. In the poem “Fences” we can see that how people become outsiders due to abuse of authority. The tourists in “Fences” have no control over the beach. Which means there are tourists that are staying there have no control over themselves. “Once my little sister ran barefoot across the hot sand for a taste. My mother roared like the ocean [...]”( Mora 14-17). In
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In these two revolutions, it 's apparent that those of authority abuse their power leaving the outsiders feeling alienated. Financial hardship was one of the main factors caused in the French and Industrial Revolution. When the french people had no money, France had a debt that was led by Louis XVI because he implemented new taxations and reduced authority causing most citizens to revoke basic rights (History Channel: French Revolution). All of these factors created an atmosphere for Louis in order to fix the crunch. The french revolution was spanning and saw a majority of social and political change within the monarchies (History channel:French Revolution). The people of the Industrial revolution brought many financial and working changes within the war (History Channel: Industrial Revolution). In which the lower class worked and lived in horrible conditions while the upper class had better authority (History channel Show: Industrial Revolution). They had to work for long hours and hardly got paid, that brought them to a situation where they started having their kids work (Children Who Built Victorian Britain). There was no amount of modern or fiscal progress that could advocated the price of a human
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